Native Plant of the Week

coreopsis - plant of the week

 You are welcome to visit the

Native Plant of the Week

at 4020 Dunston Avenue.

The featured plant will be in the front yard

and will be marked.  

Common Name: Lanceleaf coreopsis, Lanceleaf tickseed

Scientific Name: Coreopsis lanceolata

General Description: Clump-forming perennial that reaches about 2 feet in height.  Lanceleaf coreopsis produces lots of bright yellow flowers arising on long stems.

Habitat: Lanceleaf tickseed occurs naturally in meadows and is ideally suited for dry areas that receive full sun.  The sunnier the location, the more flowers produced.  This plant grows well in infertile soils and does not need fertilizer.

Additional information: Lanceleaf coreopsis flowers attract many varieties of native butterflies and bees.  (Check out the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation for more information:  In addition to forming clumps that can be divided to produce additional plants, lanceleaf coreopsis also spreads by seed.  The long-stemmed flowers are great for flower arrangements and blooming can be prolonged by “deadheading” the plants.


” If half the American lawns were replaced with naitve plants, we could create the equivalent of a 20 million acre national park – nine times bigger than Yellowstone, or 100 times bigger than the Shenandoah National Park.”   Doug Tallamy

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