A “Weed” That’s a Keeper — Rudbeckia triloba!

Do you have something growing in your yard that looks like this in early May?

What Is This Mystery Plant?
What Is This Mystery Plant?

Here is another picture of the same plant in another yard.  In this picture you see why it is called Rudbeckia triloba.  Many if its leaves are “three lobed.”  Not all though — the shape of the leaf can vary considerably.  Other names for it are “thin-leaf coneflower” and “brown-eyed susan.”

Mystery Plant Identified as Rudbeckia Trilobz
Mystery Plant Identified as Rudbeckia triloba

If you ARE lucky enough to have some of this in your yard, put a little fence around it right away to prevent it from being mowed.  Come August or so, it will look like this:

Triloba in Bloom
Rudbeckia triloba in Bloom

These flowers are loved by goldfinches and many pollinators such as butterflies.

They are especially wonderful blooming in large masses:

Rudbeckia in Mass
Rudbeckia triloba in Mass

If you gaze closely at a mass of them, you can become a little “hypnotized” and swear they are looking back at you.  No flower expresses more wonderfully the “joy of being alive.”



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