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DID YOU KNOW that all storm drains in the Reedy Creek Watershed empty directly into Reedy Creek or its tributaries?  Not only does stormwater go straight into the Creek, but so does any trash that gets into the storm drains.  Reedy Creek has many tributaries, some of which have been covered up, but still deliver water to Reedy Creek.  An example is Crooked Branch which has mostly been covered up but daylights under Crutchfield Street.   Any storm drains in the Crooked Branch watershed empty into Crooked Branch (which drains the Belt Boulevard area) and all this stormwater, along with trash, ends up in Reedy Creek.

Storm Drain off 49th Street Loaded with Trash

What happens to the trash that gets into the Creek?  It makes its way first to the James River, then to the Chesapeake Bay.  Along the way, much of it gets deposited in the bottom of the creek, river or bay where it interferes with the life of bottom-dwelling creatures and plants.  Such trash and sediment is a principal cause of the loss of  oysters and grasses which normally grow in the Bay.  For a video describing this, click here.

This is why it is so important not to dump trash in storm drains!

On August 11, 2012 we will be marking storm drains within the Reedy Creek watershed to remind people not to place trash in the storm drains.  The markers will look like this (thanks are due to the City of Richmond for supplying us with these markers and for being responsible for the very nice fish design on the markers):

Drain Marker

We will meet at the Forest Hill Park Stone House at 9AM and work until 12PM.  Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Our first priority will be the commercial areas of Forest Hill Ave. and Westover Hills Boulevard and then we will move out from there.  We will especially concentrate on storm drains located at bus stops and at areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Storm Drain at Bus Stop along Crutchfield Street.
Before getting on a bus, deposit any trash in the trash basket, not the storm drain!

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