Invasive Plant Species Education Event

Concerned about the impact of invasive plants in our parks and yards?

Learn how to identify the common invasive species & how to remove them from your yard, preventing spread to other places.

  • Participate in small group walks in the area to identify invasive plants present and discuss negative impacts of invasive species, as well as the importance of native species.
  • Play a matching game: Match cuttings of common invasives to the name of the plant.
  • Learn how to remove ivy from a tree so that the tree is not damaged and you are safe. Tools provided for those interested in removing ivy from a tree. Bring gloves if you can.
  • Identify and pull small privet from the ground, remove medium size ones with a weed wrench.
  • Concerned that a vine or shrub in your yard is invasive? Bring a small cutting in a ziplock bag. Perhaps we can help.

One thought on “Invasive Plant Species Education Event

  1. Suzette,

    Looks like an informative event.  Like the logo. Do you want me to contact the Tool Bank or ti goto pick up tools if you have reserved them? Or to help in any way. Carolyn

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