Habitat Restoration: Why does your local watershed group think this is important?

This project is being cancelled due to the recent and significant increase in the mosquito population.  Insect repellent does not seem to help very much.  Please mark your calendars for our next project on Sept 12.   


Crooked Branch Ravine Park acts like a sponge, soaking up rain water and keeping it where it falls.  It is also home to many native plants that support wildlife, including warblers and other song birds on their long migrations.

CBR map
The circle indicates the approximate location of Crooked Branch Ravine Park.

Protecting areas like this will help keep the rain where it falls and help improve water quality; this need is great in urban areas with lots of impervious surface.   Unfortunately, this little park has many non-native, invasive plants and over time they will threaten the tree canopy (natures’ best invention for capturing rain water).  And, as native species are lost so is the diversity that supports wildlife.  Habitat restoration usually begins with removing plants that do not belong there. 

This is important work. We would appreciate your help.  

  • Saturday, August 28 from 0900-1100.  The morning will be much cooler than the afternoon.
  • We will remove ivy from the ground, from trees and perhaps remove other plants using a weed wrench.
  • Bring gloves and your own tools: hand clippers, lopers, a saw or other tool you prefer.  An old screwdriver is sometimes helpful for removing ivy from trees; we will show you how.
  • Please bring your own water and consider some insect repellent also.
  • Bring a friend!


  • Bring a mask.  It may not be necessary but please have one available if there is the need.
  • There is plenty of room for social distancing.
  • If you are arrive late, just follow the pink tape markers to the work site.

Map to meeting site

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