Invasive removal-Crooked Branch Ravine Park

We intend to tackle the English ivy growing up trees this coming Sunday.  This effort will have positive effects beyond this small park since English ivy only produces flowers, fruit and then berries only after it climbs a vertical surface.  The vines above the cut will die and there will be no berries for the birds to eat and then spead the see to other locations.  It’s also a relief for the tree!

We will meet on Crutchfield Street across the road from the sports fields of George Wythe High School. This important work and we would really appreciate your help.



  • Sunday,  November 4 from 1 – 3 p.m.  or as long as you can stay.
  • Bring gloves and hand clippers.  A small saw if you have one
  • An old screwdriver is sometimes helpful for removing ivy from trees; we will show you how.
  • We do ask that you bring your own water.
  • Bring a friend!
  • If you have never done this type of work before we will glady show you what to do.

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