Native Plant of the Week

little bluestem planto of the week

little bluestem plant of the week 2

 You are welcome to visit the native plant of the week at 4020 Dunston Avenue.

The featured plant will be in the front yard and will be marked.  

Common Name: Little Bluestem, Povertygrass, Bunchgrass

Scientific Name: Schizachyrium scoparium





General Description: Clump-forming grass with dense growth of fine leaves at the base that reach about 2 feet in height.  Fluffy seed heads arise on longer stems and add interest and texture to native flower arrangements.  Summer foliage often has a bluish tint which turns a beautiful golden color in fall.

Habitat: Little bluestem grows best in full sun; but can adapt to partial shade and a variety of soils.  It is a deep-rooted grass that is drought resistant – perfect for that sunny, dry spot in the landscape.

Additional information: Little bluestem is an excellent wildlife plant that provides cover, nesting material, and nutritious seeds eaten by many birds and small animals in the winter.  It is also a host plant for several species of skippers (family of small butterflies).  Some skipper caterpillars over-winter in “tents” at the base of little bluestem clumps.

” If half the American lawns were replaced with naitve plants, we could create the equivalent of a 20 million acre national park – nine times bigger than Yellowstone, or 100 times bigger than the Shenandoah National Park.”   Doug Tallamy

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